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Om: The problem with using physical albums is that if a photo file is moved to a different folder, the next synchronization process will delete the original file info from the database and re-create it in the new location. This means all of the metadata associated with the item (tags, description, etc.) are lost and have to be entered again.

Physical Photo Move (PPM) is an extension that allows an existing item (photo, video, or album) in a physical folder (i.e., not in the upload folder and linked into a virtual album) to be moved to another folder, preserving all metadata.

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Revision 2.03 3659 Downloads, Udgivet den 2018-02-08
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Kompatibel med: 2.10, 2.9

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English [UK] Русский [RU]


* option to move album to root folder

Revision 2.02a 641 Downloads, Udgivet den 2018-02-05
Revision 2.02 566 Downloads, Udgivet den 2018-02-05
Revision 2.01 602 Downloads, Udgivet den 2018-02-04
Revision 2.00 648 Downloads, Udgivet den 2018-01-30
Revision 1.01 1392 Downloads, Udgivet den 2017-06-14
Revision 1.0 687 Downloads, Udgivet den 2017-06-13
Revision v0.7 741 Downloads, Udgivet den 2017-06-11
Revision v0.6 668 Downloads, Udgivet den 2017-06-10
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