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Latest commits in Piwigo core, plugins, themes and other tools. This page gathers data from various code repositories to provide a "one place to watch".

i går

Update lv_LV, thanks to agrisans

manage_properties_photos 32574 TranslationTeam

Update zh_CN, thanks to deserteagle

piwigodotorg e6637b0f Piwigo-TranslationTeam

14 April 2021

Fixes #1382 gracefully recovers from local storage write error

Piwigo 1fce0f7c MatthieuLP

13 April 2021

Update eu_ES, thanks to bixerdo

Metadata Open Graph 32573 TranslationTeam

12 April 2021

fixes #43 by moving css to badge class adjusts also css for skins to make sure color displays properly

piwigo-modus fea54f3e Hannah

10 April 2021

Merge pull request #32 from Catfriend1/fixIssue31

piwigo_privacy 6ac9ae1e Yoni Jah

9 April 2021

prepare version 3.2.7

simple-theme-piwigo 7ad64265 plegall

compatibility with Piwigo 11

simple-theme-piwigo a1f62c96 plegall

Update el_GR, thanks to bas_alba

manage_properties_photos 32572 TranslationTeam

8 April 2021

Add sr_RS, thanks to gpopac

manage_properties_photos 32571 TranslationTeam

7 April 2021

Update da_DK, thanks to Kaare

manage_properties_photos 32570 TranslationTeam

[manage_properties_photos] language

manage_properties_photos 32569 ddtddt

Update pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

manage_properties_photos 32568 TranslationTeam

Update fr_CA, thanks to executive

manage_properties_photos 32567 TranslationTeam

Update nl_NL, thanks to watertoren5044

manage_properties_photos 32566 TranslationTeam

[manage_properties_photos] no show date if empty

manage_properties_photos 32565 ddtddt

Serve pdf files with mime type "application/pdf" (fixes #31)

piwigo_privacy ae342114 adm.inst

Update ru_RU, thanks to Konve

ConcoursPhoto 32564 TranslationTeam

Update nb_NO, thanks to paulen

manage_properties_photos 32563 TranslationTeam

Update ca_ES, thanks to Tirs

manage_properties_photos 32562 TranslationTeam

Update es_ES, thanks to Tirs

manage_properties_photos 32561 TranslationTeam

Update ru_RU, thanks to Konve

manage_properties_photos 32560 TranslationTeam

6 April 2021

Update de_DE, thanks to slim

ConcoursPhoto 32559 TranslationTeam

Update de_DE, thanks to slim

manage_properties_photos 32558 TranslationTeam

fixes #11 new conf setting download_by_size_permitted_non_picture

download_by_size e6488616 plegall

4 April 2021

Update fr_FR, thanks to Guillaume C

piwigodotorg 9539f251 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

3 April 2021

Update ru_RU, thanks to Konve

posted_date_changer 32557 TranslationTeam

Update ru_RU, thanks to Konve

piwigodotorg 40b666de Piwigo-TranslationTeam

2 April 2021

fixes #11 ability to authorize guests for batch download

BatchDownloader 31ca2dde plegall

Merge branch 'master' of

Piwigo 40316b8e MatthieuLP

Fix title lenght in album manager (line)

Piwigo 3a91c30e MatthieuLP

31 Marts 2021

Correct maintain file

ConcoursPhoto 32556 tiico

Update podium view

ConcoursPhoto 32555 tiico


ConcoursPhoto 32554 tiico


ConcoursPhoto 32553 tiico

29 Marts 2021

Correct control author/username/addedBy

ConcoursPhoto 32552 tiico

26 Marts 2021

[manage_properties_photos] add activity

manage_properties_photos 32551 ddtddt

25 Marts 2021

[manage_properties_photos] bug delete photo

manage_properties_photos 32550 ddtddt

24 Marts 2021

Update pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

piwigodotorg 0e9e966d Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Test WS

ConcoursPhoto 32549 tiico

Image missing

ConcoursPhoto 32548 tiico

Admin tpl

ConcoursPhoto 32547 tiico

Correction + add podium on category (with param)

ConcoursPhoto 32546 tiico

22 Marts 2021

Update da_DK, thanks to Kaare

piwigodotorg 0e2788c2 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update es_ES, thanks to Tirs

piwigodotorg 6806a1b7 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

21 Marts 2021

Update de_DE, thanks to slim

piwigodotorg dbab9480 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update de_DE, thanks to slim

piwigodotorg a2c9e046 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

20 Marts 2021

Update it_IT, thanks to rio

piwigodotorg b9bf19cb Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update nl_NL, thanks to watertoren5044

piwigodotorg d2b5740c Piwigo-TranslationTeam

19 Marts 2021

add sums file for 11.4.0

Check Files Integrity d5cf64cf plegall

new release 11.4.0

piwigodotorg 35ebe0b2 plegall

use SSH url for github

Piwigo 7f2df444 plegall

Fix View managment for plugin and album

Piwigo 4bc1c269 MatthieuLP

18 Marts 2021

Update ca_ES, thanks to Tirs

ConcoursPhoto 32545 TranslationTeam

Corrected a bug with refreshes - This may have created some other bugs - Display ends before the cache update is complete

Piwigo-Android acb9f28e epitech-remi