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Latest commits in Piwigo core, plugins, themes and other tools. This page gathers data from various code repositories to provide a "one place to watch".

i går

Fixes progress bar shown at zero while preview image already downloaded.

Mobile 2a13c5be Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Decreases memory leak occurring during image upload (see #267)

Mobile 09ef7bbc Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Now retrieves width and height dimensions of images

Mobile d84df142 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated translations

Mobile 005c7c10 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes #268

Mobile 380dc677 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

2 December 2018

V0.9 (#73)

Piwigo-Android e6789785 Raphael Mack

Upload token and session improvement (#72)

Piwigo-Android cb9335fa Raphael Mack

Version 2.2.6 build 149

Mobile 3859541b Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Added 2.2.6 release notes to view

Mobile 7a68c3d9 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Adds 2.2.6 release notes translations

Mobile 0a0aec3b Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Update lv_LV, thanks to agrisans

AntiAspi 31963 TranslationTeam

Add fr_CA, thanks to ddtddt

AntiAspi 31962 TranslationTeam

Adds Italian translator request

Mobile 768748d7 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Add ticket # to email subject sent by user

Mobile b8cffe8f Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Adds settings bundle and updates translations

Mobile a29f3e6a Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Update de_DE, thanks to bigant

Flickr2Piwigo f3b9d942 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update nb_NO, thanks to paulen

MyPiwiShop 31961 TranslationTeam

Update nb_NO, thanks to paulen

AntiAspi 31960 TranslationTeam

Add fi_FI, thanks to samih

AntiAspi 31959 TranslationTeam

Add pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

AntiAspi 31958 TranslationTeam

Add nl_NL, thanks to navisence

AntiAspi 31957 TranslationTeam

Update de_DE, thanks to bigant

AntiAspi 31956 TranslationTeam

1 December 2018

Version set to 2.2.6

Mobile 8cc84ade Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes #266

Mobile a0cceab5 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes #265 and introduces Piwigo error management

Mobile 26c4f0b1 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes #264

Mobile 739e3aca Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

28 November 2018

make sure AntiAspi config is usable in other plugins (such as Whois Online)

AntiAspi 31955 plg

Simplify yes/no settings (use checkboxes instead of radio buttons)Localisation (EN/FR for now)

AntiAspi 31954 plg

add robot Seekport

no_stats_for_robots 388058f4 plegall

Simpler user interface, display banned IP current status, regroup IP management

AntiAspi 31953 plg

27 November 2018

cleaner configuration manager on install/update

AntiAspi 31952 plg

[FR] add newsletter 20181127

piwigodotorg 88a7829a plegall

Update nl_NL, thanks to cryopad

piwigodotorg 60289259 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

26 November 2018

[FR] new announcement

piwigodotorg 8fc9eab7 plegall

25 November 2018

Create table was causing issues due this datetime string default, replaced by now()

Guest-Book 9f2d444f Peter Stimpel

Fixed wrong createtable statement, now() instead datestring

Comments-on-Albums 2b9f4b00 Peter Stimpel

Update fr_CA, thanks to bgoutier

TakeATour f4f87f0e Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Add ro_RO, thanks to enels

Social-Connect 8bf7b9c7 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update el_GR, thanks to bas_alba

piwigo-videojs 53cf9f1a Piwigo-TranslationTeam

19 November 2018

Update pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

piwigodotorg 200cffd2 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

piwigodotorg 60c8bc28 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

piwigo-videojs fda7f116 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

Flickr2Piwigo 68051f6d Piwigo-TranslationTeam

15 November 2018

Update pl_PL, thanks to Sauron

piwigodotorg f29a0a2e Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update pl_PL, thanks to Sauron

piwigodotorg f3f5bdc0 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

13 November 2018

Prep new release and fix minor style issue

Flickr2Piwigo 1ee19624 Sam Wilson

12 November 2018

Update hu_HU, thanks to

piwigodotorg 7353abd0 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update es_ES, thanks to petaqui

piwigodotorg fcd2affc Piwigo-TranslationTeam

11 November 2018

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

Piwigo-Android e36e7f33 Raphael Mack

#68 is shifted, so let's hide the album IDs

Piwigo-Android a38ef886 Raphael Mack

fix #178. rebuild all themes

Bootstrap Darkroom df63e0f3 Thomas Kuther