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Piwigo er open source-fotogallerisoftware til nettet. Designet til organisatorer, grupper og enkeltpersoner.

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Piwigo brillierer når det gælder om at klassificere tusinder eller endda hundredtusinder af fotografier.


Siden sin fødsel i 2002, har Piwigo hjulpet sine brugere i flere end 21 år. Altid under udvikling!

Open Source

Kildekoden er tilgængelig, redigerbar, auditerbar og udvidbar takket være plugins og temaer.

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Office de Tourisme Digne Les Bains
Robert Miller
Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers
Musée Virtuel de la Méditerranée

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We are an all volunteer religious organization that produces lots of media. Piwigo is perfect to manage all of the images we produce as well as our own stock images used in production. The large plugin library allows us to use Piwigo in a way that exactly suits our workflow. And the ease of use means that not only can volunteers use the site with practically no training, but the administrative work in maintaining the site is negligible. And just like in any organization, it is the people behind it that makes Piwigo such an amazing resource.

Anonymous Religious Organization

Non Profits Sri Lanka

I like and use piwigo, Thanks a lot for your times and jobs. I hope Piwigo continues its life as a developing and living project for years./lang] [lang=fr]J'aime et j'utilise Piwigo, merci beaucoup pour votre temps et votre travail. J'espère que Piwigo continuera sa vie en tant que projet en développement et vivant pendant des années.


Photographers & individuals Turkey

We have been using Piwigo since 2011 and we are fully satisfied with it. Piwigo really meets our needs, especially thanks to the fine management of user permissions, because we are 30 people using the tool. I also appreciate the ease of use, the quality of the support, and the fact that it is an open source product, which was for us a choice criterion.

Stéphanie Corfec, Agence D’Urbanisme Brest Bretagne

Public sector France

Just want to add my "props" to the folks at Piwigo for the great product they have put out for their clients. I create a Piwigo photo album for each of the websites I create and walk each client through the "how to's" of Piwigo, which is very user friendly. I have tried other photo albums in the past and have always come back to Piwigo not just because it's free, but because it is honestly... the best!

Bill Gowacki

Photographers & individuals United States

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