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Piwigo er open source-fotogallerisoftware til nettet. Designet til organisatorer, grupper og enkeltpersoner.

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version 14.4.0 2 måneder siden

Piwigo 15.0.0beta1 1 uge siden

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Tusinder af organisationer og millioner af enkeltpersoner elsker at benytte Piwigo

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Piwigo brillierer når det gælder om at klassificere tusinder eller endda hundredtusinder af fotografier.


Siden sin fødsel i 2002, har Piwigo hjulpet sine brugere i flere end 22 år. Altid under udvikling!

Open Source

Kildekoden er tilgængelig, redigerbar, auditerbar og udvidbar takket være plugins og temaer.

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Metropolitan University BelGrade
Office du Tourisme du Bassin d'Arcachon
Ville d’Arles
Photothèque Touristique du Lot

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I use Piwigo to share photos with other members of our fraternity. At the moment we have more than 8000 photos and some videos in our gallery, and it works good! The user management is a great advantage for us. Uploading photos is easy and fast. For our needs it is a very good solution.Congratulations on the 20th anniversary and thank you for the great work!

Bodo Hano, TV Saxonia

Velgørende organisationer Germany

As an amateur aerial photographer, I've been using this photo management software for many years. I've had the opportunity to update several versions and change hosts, always with the security of being able to count on a reactive team in the event of a problem. The various modules proposed by contributors allow you to customize the application. I can only recommend it. Thanks to the whole team

Jean-Michel Benoit

Fotografer og privatpersoner France

Just want to add my "props" to the folks at Piwigo for the great product they have put out for their clients. I create a Piwigo photo album for each of the websites I create and walk each client through the "how to's" of Piwigo, which is very user friendly. I have tried other photo albums in the past and have always come back to Piwigo not just because it's free, but because it is honestly... the best!

Bill Gowacki

Fotografer og privatpersoner United States

Piwigo is easy to install and get to grips with. The plugins enable fine-tuning of the gallery with fairly advanced features, such as automatic classification of photos according to tags or user rights management. And of course, it's an open source solution... I'm so satisfied with Piwigo that I regularly suggest this solution to my customers to create their professional photo galleries or photo libraries!

Sophie Lépissier SoFlash Production

Fotografer og privatpersoner France

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