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Piwigo er open source-fotogallerisoftware til nettet. Designet til organisatorer, grupper og enkeltpersoner.

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version 14.4.0 39 minutter siden

Piwigo 14.4.0 31 minutter siden

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Piwigo brillierer når det gælder om at klassificere tusinder eller endda hundredtusinder af fotografier.


Siden sin fødsel i 2002, har Piwigo hjulpet sine brugere i flere end 22 år. Altid under udvikling!

Open Source

Kildekoden er tilgængelig, redigerbar, auditerbar og udvidbar takket være plugins og temaer.

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Robert Miller
NOWinBRAIN - Nowinski Brain Image Gallery
Wessex Water

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I have been a long-time user. First installed Piwigo in 2013 and have been using it continuously since then. Flexible and reliable - never had any issues. No problems with software upgrades and even moving to a new server was easy. The IOS apps are a handy way to view photos.

Damian Kelly

Fotografer og privatpersoner Australia

We opted for Piwigo because it seemed to be a flexible solution that met our needs without being very expensive. We're delighted and have been able to measure the difference: before, for the production of our brochure in 2020, we had to exchange HD files by transfer... a real pain. Now, as soon as I buy photos, I enter them into Piwigo with all the information relating to the project, and we share the photo library with the graphic designers. This time we didn't waste any time and we managed the iconographic part of our new brochure really well.

Georgia Desvarennes, Texaa

Virksomheder France

I use Piwigo to share photos with other members of our fraternity. At the moment we have more than 8000 photos and some videos in our gallery, and it works good! The user management is a great advantage for us. Uploading photos is easy and fast. For our needs it is a very good solution.Congratulations on the 20th anniversary and thank you for the great work!

Bodo Hano, TV Saxonia

Velgørende organisationer Germany

I have been using Piwigo for my wife's website for many years. It's been quite reliable for me, easy to use for her, and receives regular updates which are easy to apply. I love that it supports multiple languages, mass uploads via command line and uploads via web.

Rob Nugen

Fotografer og privatpersoner Japan

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